Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA energy meter

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  • Type: Single-phase and Three-phase
  • Voltage range: 230 V
  • Phase-to-phase voltage range: 400 V
  • Method of measurement : Indirect
  • Own consumption: <3 W
  • Voltage Accuracy : ± 1%
  • Current accuracy: ± 1%
  • Indirect measurement : 63A AC (100A with TT) A
  • Communication: Internet cable
  • Type of power supply : Independent
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Sunny Home Manager 2.0 monitors all energy flows in the home, automatically identifies possible savings and facilitates the efficient use of solar energy. In this way, intelligent energy management becomes even easier and more cost-effective. An extremely intelligent and reliable device with extremely large technical capabilities and easy setup.


  • Intelligent energy management and power measurement in one device
  • Lower system costs thanks to fewer components Measure and control energy flows in the home based on predictive energy planning
  • Quick and easy installation: Plug-and-play configuration after installation in the switchboard. Easy installation saves time and costs.
  • Communication lines for the future Management of intelligent loads integrated via the standard EEBUS and
  • SEMP interfaces → Compatibility with cost-effective standard radio-controlled contacts facilitates the management of simple loads
  • Supports a huge number of SMA inverters and peripherals.
  • High-quality, free cloud service for home monitoring.


Sunny Home Manager is the central device responsible for energy management in households with a self-consumption photovoltaic system. Sunny Home Manager performs the following main tasks:

  • Collection of measured energy and power values ​​in the interconnected household. • Energy monitoring:
  • Presentation of energy flows through Sunny Portal.
  • Energy management: Automatic control of interconnected household loads with the aim of energy efficiency optimization.
  • Dynamic limitation of active power supply.
  • Measurement of active power by integrated measuring unit with direct connection up to 63 A limiting current.
  • Use of current transformers required for applications above 63 A • Interconnection of loads via EEBus and
  • SEMP • Support of smart switches Edimax SP-2101W up to firmware version 2.03 and Edimax SP-2101W V2 from firmware version 1.00.