SMA Smart Meter

SMA Smart Meter

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  • Type: Three-phase
  • Voltage range: 230 V
  • Phase-to-phase voltage range: 400 V
  • Method of measurement : Indirect
  • Own consumption: < 2 W
  • Voltage Accuracy : ± 1%
  • Current accuracy: ± 1%
  • Indirect measurement : 63A AC (100A with TT) A
  • Communication: Internet cable
  • Type of power supply : Independent

A highly efficient metering solution for intelligent energy management in photovoltaic systems with SMA devices. The SMA Energy Meter calculates phase-accurate and balanced electrical measured values and transmits them via Ethernet in the local network. In this way, all data about grid feed and purchased electricity as well as PV generation from other PV inverters can be transmitted to SMA systems frequently and with a high level of accuracy. The integration of the SMA energy meter creates in all systems a perfectly coordinated system configuration that guarantees the highest performance and stability with the best cost savings and increased self-consumption.

Benefits: Easy to use • Fast plug and play installation • Local WebUI • Graphical visualization of the current measured values in connection with the Sunny Boy inverter in the Sunny Portal High performance • Fast three-phase bidirectional reading for efficient energy management* • Ideal coordination with SMA devices, to ensure that the control tasks are performed stably Flexible • Space-saving, household rail mounting thanks to the compact housing • Flexible use in applications > 63 A thanks to external current transformers • Suitable for universal use, regardless of the existing electricity meter

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