Smart Meter

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  • Type: Three-phase
  • Voltage Range: 176-288V
  • Phase-to-phase voltage range: 304-499 V
  • Method of measurement : Indirect
  • Own consumption: 1 W
  • Accuracy voltage : ± 0.5 %
  • Current accuracy: ± 1 %
  • Indirect measurement: up to 250 A
  • Communication: RS485
  • Type of power supply : Independent

Smart Meter which is used to measure incoming and outgoing electricity in a facility. The report can be used only for statistical data or in combination with inverters to make a grid system entirely for own needs or combined with exporting the unnecessary electricity to the grid.

By connecting the inverter to it, you can adjust exactly how much energy it returns to the grid, at what time, and whether it returns any at all.

It also allows you to monitor the movement of energy in your household or production in real time, through the inverter application.

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