SOLAX EV CHARGER 7.2K(SXH) single phase Socket, WiFi

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  • Charging cable with type 2 connector or selectable outlet
  • Built-in 30mA type A RCD and 6mA DC protection
  • Integrated with PEN protection and no ground rod
  • Encrypted communication based on TLS Easy installation indoors and outdoors
  • Export power control with SOLAX system Possibility of 100% green energy generated by your
  • Photovoltaic Power Plant (FePTC).
  • Multiple working modes for different situations
  • Integrated RFID function
  • Remote setting and monitoring with APP and website
  • Intelligent dynamic load balancing control
  • Set timers to reduce your spending during peak and low price times
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Smart EV-Charger series products are mainly used for
home smart charging that can be connected to the network.

With the ability to charge electric vehicles, reduce the purchase
of electricity from the grid.

The chargers can be used with any existing PV system.
Smart EV Charger performs much better in features and
the convenience of use with Solax inverters due to
proper compatibility and perfect synchronization.

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SOLAX EV CHARGER 7.2K(SXH) single phase Socket, WiFi

1 756,00 лв. без ДДС

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