Sungrow SG5.0RT Three Phase Inverter

Sungrow SG5.0RT Three Phase Inverter

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  • Max. DC generator power (kWp): 7.50
  • Max. input voltage DC (V): 1.100.00
  • Max. AC power (kVA): 5.00
  • AC rated power (kVA): 5.00
  • Max. input current (A): 25.00
  • European efficacy factor (%): 97.40
  • Max. efficiency (%): 98.40
  • Arc Fault Circuit
  • Circuit breaker: yes -Step-Up converter: yes Topology: – no transformer Power phases: 3
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP65

High Yield:

  • Lower startup and wider MPPT voltage
  • Compatible with two-sided modules
  • Built-in PID recovery function

Safe and durable:

  • Arc fault flash circuit breaker
  • Built-in Type II DC & AC SPD
  • High anti-corrosion rating C5

Smart Control:

  • Smart IV curve scan
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Remote firmware updates

Easy and user-friendly:

  • Compact design
  • Unique push-in connectors
  • Quick and easy commissioning via app

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